Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Answers to the Geek Quiz

 1 Name the Fellowship of the Ring.
Gandalf the Gray, Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. Gimli, Son of Gloin. Frodo Baggins, son of Drogo Baggins.  Samwise Gamgee, a Gardener. Peregrine Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck. Boromir, son of the Steward. Aragorn son of Arathorn.

2 Where did Notch get the idea for Creepers?
They were an accident, he was trying out a new model for pigs and it turned out he had set the heights and lengths wrong.  He liked how it looked so he used it as a new mob.

3 What is the 11th Doctor's favorite food?
Fish-sticks and Custard

4 What iconic species does Scotty have on his desk in the 2009 Star Trek movie?
Scotty has a caged and presumably neutered tribble on his desk.

 5 Who says "I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you."?
Captain Malcom Reynolds, in the Firefly episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds"

6 What is Han's response to Princess Leia telling him she loves him?
"I know."

7 In Harry Potter, what set of twins spanned two Houses?
The Patil Twins, Pavarti was in Gryffindor, and Padma was in Ravenclaw.

8 What group of people did Sheldon name his cats for? (except for Zazzles!)
Sheldon named his cats after Scientests who worked on the Manhattan Project.

 9 What is the name of the planet Paul Atredies grew up on?
Paul Atredies grew up on the planet Caladan.

10 What does Sherlock wear when he visits the Palace?
A bedsheet.

11 Who rescues Gandalf from Isengard?
Gwaihir the Windlord, an Eagle.

12 Name the planet where the Jedi council meets

13 name all the main character/captains of the various Star Trek series's
Captain Archer- Star Trek: Enterprise
Captain Kirk- Star Trek
Captain Picard- Star Trek: The Next Generation
Captain Janeway- Star Trek: Voyager
Commander Sisko- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

14 What do you get when you milk a Mooshroom with a wooden bowl?
Mushroom Soup

15 In Firefly, what is Canton's main industry?

16 What does Hagrid make for Harry on his 11th birthday?
A Cake

17 What alien species does Rory spend 2000 years as?
A Nestene

18 In the Big Bang Theory, where does Penny work?
The Cheesecake Factory

 19 When you eat Spice what does it do to your eyes?
Over time the sclera and iris of your eyes become blue.

20 In Sherlock, who attends the Christmas party?
Sherlcok Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, and Molly.

Rachel- If I were going to make a Hogwarts house the animal would be a bear!
Anne Adele- Cows, like Elsie , the cow.

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